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Information for International Candidates

Internationally educated Orthoptists must obtain certification from the COC to practice Orthoptics in Canada. American Certified Orthoptists in good standing with the American Orthoptic Council do not require Canadian certification but must maintain certification with the American Orthoptic Council.

Orthoptists certified outside of Canada and the United States are advised to refer to the certification for international orthoptists policy  (politique de certification des orthoptistes internationaux) and application for the Canadian National Orthoptic Certification Exam -  English version or French version . 

Eligibility Requirements:

1. Evidence of a university or college baccalaureate degree

2. Evidence of a minimum of 24 months of orthoptic education. Note: Proof of a 4-year degree in Orthoptics will fulfill both of requirements 1 and 2

3. Proof of certification as an orthoptist, including registration with the relevant orthoptic college if applicable. The applicant must be in good standing with the Orthoptic Council, organization, or university issuing the original certificate

Additional requirements are listed on the application.

After meeting eligibility:

Apply for the certification exams. International applications for the certifying exam must be received by December 20 of the year prior to the exam. Applicants MUST have applied for and been granted eligibility BEFORE applying for the exam. Contact for a copy of the exam application.

Bridging Program

Orthoptists who certified in France are eligible to apply to the French Integration Program (Programme d'Integration Francophones des Orthoptistes, PIFO). PIFO provides clinical experience in the French language, preparing French Orthoptists for North American practice. For more information please contact the program directly.

Candidates who complete the program are eligible to apply for the Canadian Certification Exams.

Programme d’Int├ęgration Francophone des Orthoptistes (PIFO)  

Le Programme d'Int├ęgration Francophone des Orthoptistes (PIFO) | AOQ - Association des Orthoptistes du QUEBEC

Afifa Ben JaballahCoordinatrice du PIFO

Ophtalmologie, CHUM- Pavillion D

1051, Rue Sanguinet

Montreal, QC H2X0C1


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